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Housekeeping Instructor

Housekeeping Instructor



We are seeking a fulltime Instructor to deliver the housekeeping skills at our new Academy offering the VET by EHL (Ecole Hotelier Lausanne) program in hospitality.

You must demonstrate strong attention to detail, able to work flexible hours and  extensive knowledge of housekeeping and butler services in the hospitality and service industry.

You must be presentable and have a passion for service excellence and customer satisfaction.


Reporting to the Head of Housekeeping Instructor, you shall deliver the VET by EHL certifications at various levels on hospitality and any other program offered by the Academy.


  • Deliver the VET by EHL (Ecole Hotelier Lausanne) training programs in Rooms and Housekeeping subjects to students of various levels and backgrounds.
  • Train in the organization and facilitation of the room making process.
  • Train in daily allocation of rooms and deep cleaning tasks.
  • Impart training in cleanliness of guest rooms, corridors
  • Impart techniques and mindset for attention to detail and providing special attention to guest needs
  • Train students on how to quickly organise schedules for the purpose of accommodating guest needs first.
  • Train on how to effectively manage guest requests, including VIP amenities and communicating them.
  • Teach organized method for inspection of guest bedrooms to ensure they meet standards.
  • Impart knowledge and understanding of all room categories and amenities quickly
  • Imparts responsibility of achieving positive outcomes from guest queries in a timely and efficient manner
  • Impart skills on communication, intercultural, interpersonal skills, workplace readiness, behavioural and personality development.
  • Carry out lost and found procedures.
  • Participating in In-Service education and training courses as well as in continuing professional development opportunities, and taking part in action research exercises;
  • Maintain good order and discipline amongst students under one’s care and safeguarding their health and safety at all times;
  • Report maintenance issues to Maintenance.
  • Assist other departments wherever necessary and maintain good working relationships
  • Leading by example in customer service excellence, beyond Rooms and training duties
  • Develop students’ passion for the hospitality and the service environment
  • Represent the highest standards in deportment, body language, grooming and personal communication.
  • Document and report on student progress
  • Evaluate student performance
  • Provide and publish MIS, other reports and insights as per requirement.
  • Perform other duties and tasks as assigned
  • Support on all marketing activities and events.




  • Able to work flexible hours and days.
  • Knowledge of current and updated Rooms & Housekeeping trends.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Professional Experience

  • 4-5 years of House Keeping experience in a 5-star hotel (or higher)

Academic Qualifications

  • Professional Diploma of recognized school in Housekeeping or Rooms division


  • Excellent command of English with a strong vocabulary and knowledge of service language.