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Prevention, Control & Detection


We provide fully integrated entry-point detection and sanitising solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, mold fungi.

Disinfection Tunnels

Broad Thermal Monitoring

Detects people and objects around the clock.

Long Detection Range.

Multiple Color Palettes.

Personal hygiene kits customised to your branding, seamlessly integrated throughout your customer touchpoints.

Request for a customised design or select from our standard ranges

We have masks in various qualities and grades and materials. It is recommended that for general public and day to day purposes, cloth type masks are used instead of surgical masks.

World’s first glassware range using patented ‘V-block’ aniti-microbial technology

High resistance up to

1000 cycles of washing.

A large range of sizes, shapes and product lines available for the hospitality, restaurant and catering environments.

Request info on our ranges

Effectively kills 99.99%

of Viruses and Bacteria in less than 1 minute

Disinfectant and sanitizer

Safe for humans and the environment

Customisable branding and package in various sizes